Muy BuenoCuban to English Dictionary
     Muy Bueno(Real Academia de la Saguesera)

DESTEMPLANZA: Mysterious body temperature, not high enough to be considered fever, but serious enough to miss school and work, Illness is unknown by the American Medical Association and understood only by doctors of Cuban origin.
PATATU: Attack of obscure origin that can strike at any time. Could be serious enough to require hospitalization, yet is undetected by medical technology. Victims tend to be males and females over the age of 50 years.
SIRIMBA: Attack with similar symptoms as the Patatu's but not as serious and with shorter duration. Can be alleviated by lying on a bed with a wash-cloth soaked in alcohol on the forehead.
AIRE: Common malady resulting from going outside without proper attire. Can occur both winter and summer. Could lead to what is nationally known a "cold" or "flu", and its origin is not term related.
SERENO: Occurs when someone steps outdoors suddenly at night and is sprinkled by a mysterious substance. There are no physical symptoms and can only be detected by the Cuban elderly. The effects of having this disease is unknown: children must not be taken out at night without proper head gear or risk of contamination is certain.
EMPACHO: Digestive disorder which occurs after the consumption of a large Cuban meal, (i.e. Nochebuena). The only known cure for this disease is "Sal de Fruta ENO", (Alka-Seltzer is completely ineffective because is made in the USA and not approved by the Revolution).
MOLLERA: Soft cranial spot found on new born babies of Cuban origin. Much more sensitive than that of USA's anglo/saxon. The slightest touch to that area can lead to irreparable brain damage.
ENFRIAMIENTO: Cooling of body temperature and slowed metabolism caused by emotional episodes.
CHICHON: Elevated cranial protrusion usually caused by the fall after a Sirimba or Patatu.
CHOCHERA: Symptom affecting all Cuban Senior Citizens (in different degrees). Characteristics include all around crabbiness, irritation, indecent behavior and obscene verbal abuse. Best treatment: Direct shove to the nearest Nursing Home.
MUNECA ABIERTA: (Open Doll): Dislocation of the wrist. Unknown cause, other than most documented cases occurs after an unsuccessful attempt to open a jar of "aceitunas".
CUERPO CORTADO: (Cut Body): Very similar to the "Aire" but with more severe symptoms which require staying at home from work or school. The closest word to describe this sickness when explaining to the boss or teacher is a cold "fever", no cold-like symptoms have yet commenced, can best be described as the "cold" before the "cold".
DOMINGO 7: Stomach protuberance with a 9 month time frame. Main sympthoms are to vomit, dizziness and a desire to knit chambritas. Cause: XXX behavior without proper protection attire.
COCOTAZ0: (COCONUT HIT) the hit by the knockles of a jesuist priest -usually by surprise - very very painful and not easy to forget always provoking a life long resentment against the church and catholic including the pope,and all his servants.marthyrs and apostles


Other terms

Pisicorre: n. a station wagon.
Origin: An oral contraction of the Spanish words pisa y corre, meaning "step and go." Since station wagons were among the first automobiles in Cuba to arrive with automatic transmission installed (the feature which allowed you to "step and go") they were christened with this distinctive moniker.
Typical usage: "Chico, desde que fuimos al Farito la semana pasada no he podido sacarle la arena al pisicorre."
La Vaquita: n. the closest Farm Stores to your house.
Origin: A reference to the cow, or vaquita, found on the establishment's outdoor lighted sign.
Typical Usage: "Chica, anoche asaltaron al viejito que trabaja en La Vaquita."
Floridarrun: n. family room of a Miami home.
Origin: Taken from the English term "florida room."
Typical usage: "La verdad que las porquerias de la suguecera no se comparan con los floridarrun de Hialeah."
Confley: n. any kind of dry breakfast cereal.
Origin: Taken from the English words "corn flakes" and used as a category-wide reference. Remember, it can be Fruity Pebbles, Trix, Cocoa Puffs or Raisin Bran and it's still confley.
Typical usage: Carajo, lo primero que hace este muchacho es meter la mano en la caja de confley para sacar el juguete de mierda!"